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Content Strategies + Services

  • > Content Strategies & Insights

    With more than 40 years combined experience in the content space, our team can bring tremendous support to your product team, helping with:

       Content mapping

       Collection organization

       Content and product strategies

       Market trend analysis

       Content development and production

       Collection valuations

  • > Content Acquisitions

    We specialize in content acquisition whether building an internal collection of licensable content or buying and selling image collections.  We have worked on both the buying and selling sides.

    Audit, goals & strategies

    Content opportunities

      Evaluation and negotiation


      Collection valuations

  • > Image Research

    We offer advertisers, designer, art buyers, and marketing teams research services to find the best photography or footage they need for their communications.  Our team is experienced in photo and footage licensing, and can handle the process from search to purchase.  We offer one-off services or monthly service agreements.  We have direct access to image agencies around the world.  We can source directly from photographers and videographers,  We can secure an enterprise agreement with subscription providers.

  • > Keywording + Metadata

    First and foremost, image keywording depends on a solid strategy outlining the key components that will drive successful search and access for the users.  This differs.  We will develop keyword strategies and protocols, identify the best resource for your project, provide oversight of the keywording and metadata development process, including captions, titles, root word, synonyms - all metadata.  We work with a global network of keywording specialists to offer solutions for every need and budget.

  • > Rights Control

    Whether or not you are on the buying or licensing side of content, managing the rights and release requirements is critical.  Our team can help establish good practices, procedures, and systems to ensure compliance or distribution management.

  • > Digital Asset Management

    We have experience and have worked on a variety of platforms including:

      Canto Cumulus

      Extensis Portfolio


      Orange Logic




    We offer evaluation of current tools, analysis of the best system for the needs & budget, definition & oversight of the technical requirements, migration onto the new system, & archive management.

    We have developed relationships with many of the companies that offer these systems to be able to ensure you get the best deal.

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We are a team of creative pros that come from photography, publishing and design.  We are eager to help you with your challenges, no matter how small or large.  Let us show you how.

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