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    VisualSteam specializes in visual content.  We will develop content strategies for production, acquisition, collection maintenance and digital curation.  This includes expanding an existing collection, acquiring new content,  editing to ensure a market-ready, dynamic portfolio,  content and market mapping to ensure alignment with company goals.  We can oversee every aspect of a company's visual content program from acquisitions to digitization to metadata, encoding, transcription and presentation.

Content Strategies + Services

  • > Content Services

    With decades of combined experience in the content space, our team can bring tremendous support to your product team, helping with:

       Content mapping

       Collection organization

       Content & product development strategies

       Trend analysis

       Content development and production

       Collection valuations

       Content rights & risk assessments

    We have and can act as expert witnesses in copyright cases.

  • > Content Discovery


    VisualSteam works with companies to help build internal collections, and to help find content for specific projects at appropriate prices.

      Custom content

      Licensed content

  • > Content Monetization


    VisualSteam will work with your company to develop the best strategies to monetize your owned visual assets.  Market development, distribution, product development - all in support of revenue growth strategies.  In addition, we offer copyright and rights assessments, collection valuations, and customer experience design and implementation.  For more information, click here.

  • > Content Acquisitions

    We specialize in content acquisitions whether building an internal collection of licensable content or buying and selling image collections.  We have worked on both the buying and selling sides, and can help:

      Evaluate existing collections

      Set goals and strategies

      Define content opportunities

      Evaluate and negotiate acquisitions

      Integrate new and existing collections

      Perform collection valuations

  • > Digital Asset Management

    We have experience working on a variety of platforms.

    We offer evaluation of current tools, analysis of the best system for the needs & budget, definition & oversight of the technical requirements, migration onto the new system, & archive management.

    We have developed relationships with many of the companies that offer these systems to be able to ensure you get the best deal.





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