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  • > Consulting & Strategic Planning

    VisualSteam specializes in visual storytelling and content-driven businesses.  We consult with phototech companies, stock photo agencies, image-driven businesses, ad agencies, and publishers, to help with market knowledge, content marketing, collection development and management.  We work with image creators on market trends and creating relevant, marketable content.  We work with marketing and communications teams to help develop strong visual presence and great stories that fully engage customers.  We believe that understanding the market and anticipating where it is headed is key to success.  To that end, we offer consulting services to help companies with every aspect of understanding, building, and growing a visually-driven business.

    VisualSteam can bring resources and knowledge to a company, without creating in-perpetuity costs.  We bring innovative thinking to every project. We are small and nimble but have a long reach.  Our team expands to a global network that we can and will tap when appropriate.

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  • > Content Management


    VisualSteam will develop content strategies for collection maintenance and digital curation, including the preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving.  This includes expansion and acquisition of new content, curation and editing to ensure a market-ready, dynamic portfolio, and content and market mapping to ensure alignment with company goals.  We can oversee every aspect of a company's content management from acquisitions to digitization to metadata, encoding, transcription and presentation.

  • > Content Monetization


    VisualSteam will work with a company to develop the best strategies to monetize their visual assets in support of stated goals and objectives.   Market development, distribution, product development - all in support of revenue growth strategies.  In addition, we offer copyright and rights assessments, collection valuations, and customer experience design and implementation.  In addition, we offer training services to improve the overall performance and delivery of content services.  For more information, click here.

  • > Content Discovery


    VisualSteam works with creative professionals and art buyers to help build internal collections, and to help find content for specific projects.  We have teams to provide research services to find the best content available that works within a specified budget.  Our teams can search preferred providers, or find unique, specialized providers.

    VisualSteam also has an Art Consulting practice to help interior designers and architects find great and unique photography for their design projects.  We work with corporations, hotels and resorts, hospitals, and cruise lines looking for new sources for display art.  We partner with collections, museums, photographers and artists to deliver beautiful art for display in digital form or as prints.

  • > Insights

    Insight - "the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing."  For us this means developing a deep understanding of how people really interact with visual content, and how visual content improves engagement and understanding.  We never rely on generalities or assumptions.

    VisualSteam conducts industry research that we make available, as well as proprietary client research.  Our reports are powerful tools that provide strategic insight and analysis on the advertising and publishing industries, the use of visual content, the stock photo industry, business marketing trends, and  visual content trends.  Extensive, objective and easy to digest,  research offers the very latest on the visual content industry to help you make better decisions, faster.

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We are a team of creative pros that come from photography, publishing and design.  We are eager to help you with your challenges, no matter how small or large.  Let us show you how.

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