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  • > Marketing

    Marketing and sales go hand in hand.  Marketing creates and delivers the message, and sales closes the deal.

    VisualSteam marketing consultants have decades of experience creating marketing strategies and delivering effective marketing programs through powerful storytelling.  Our programs are designed for maximum customer engagement and brand building. Our programs include: Experiential, Digital, Customer Promotion, Social Media and PR. Bespoke or ready-to-go packages.

  • > Design - Print and Online

    While we have been offering strategic marketing support for years, we have now expanded to offer clients a broader range of creative solutions.

    • Branding & Identity
    • Website Design
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Direct Mail & Promotions
    • Email Marketing
  • > Market Development

    A business can have the best product in the world, but if it doesn't have proper distribution and channel management, driving revenue can fail, and too much time and money can be spent supporting an ineffective network.  Our team has years of experience working with and building distribution.  We have direct relationships in 35 countries.  We will help you evaluate your existing distribution strategy and build one that maximizes sales and minimizes cost.

  • > On-Demand  Sales

    For companies, photographers, and cinematographers that are licensing their content and want additional reach, but without the up front costs, we offer "on-demand" licensing services.  We will partner with you to expand reach in the U.S. and Canada. While you maintain your sales team and distribution relationships, we will  become a extension of your sales. Your content will be included where appropriate for marketing projects and with content requests received, Royalties are paid on every sale.

    Buyers know us and that with one call, they can tap a large number of image and motion collections, saving time and money.  Most of our requests are for large and specialized projects.  Our average price per image is far above the industry average.  Joining our group of content partners will enable you to access direct requests you might not otherwise see.  For more information, click here.

  • > Contract Sales & Licensing

    For photographers, filmmakers or companies that have collections of content to license, and who need either supplemental support or full sales support, we offer shared and bespoke contract sales services.  Specializing in visual content, we have built a team of experienced sales consultants who can either replace or supplement a company’s internal sales force.  Our team will generate leads, responding to requests, negotiate licensing fees, close, and follow up.  Our contract sales team allows a company to expand reach and build brand with reduced risk.  The team is trained in intellectual property rights and licensing. We will mine data to grow sales from existing clients, look for new, qualified leads, provide support and follow-up.  Content sales for photography, film and mixed media.  We offer "shared" services, bespoke services, or build-to-transfer programs. For more information email us.

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We are a team of creative pros that come from photography, publishing and design.  We are eager to help you with your challenges, no matter how small or large.  Let us show you how.

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