Kevin Smith

With more than two decades experience working with Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, NationsBank, Microsoft, Merck, Medco Health Solutions, UnitedHealth Care, American Airlines, Verizon and Express Scripts, Smith brings critical experience and know-how in vital areas including marketing, CX, digital strategy/e-commerce, finance and technology.

Smith has helped redesign VisualSteam as a critical resource to drive digital engagement focusing on small to medium-sized businesses.

Smith holds an MBA and a BA in Economics.

Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes is the Founder of VisualSteam and currently drives strategy. Her career intersects at the crossroads of creativity, content and technology, with functional expertise driving strategy, sales and marketing. Hughes has led companies from start-ups to operations with over $100+MM in revenue.  She has worked with brands including Kodak, Corbis, Discovery, Microsoft, Hachette Filipacchi and NTT Docomo.

VP and Member of the Board of the Digital Media Licensing Association, MBA, BA.

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is an Art Director and Graphic Designer specializing in translating a client's vision to an effective and interactive design.  She led the recent brand refresh, and works with clients on marketing and design projects.

With years of advertising experience in NYC and San Francisco, Smith has a deep understanding of advertising, communications, creating effective campaigns and the importance of great design. She has worked with companies including Vibrant Media, FCBi, Harrison & Star, Area23 and now VisualSteam.

Smith holds a BA.






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